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Blend 64 Coffee Beans 1Kg

We went all the way back to our roots to create this special brew for you. Rio Coffee’s first ever blend (in 1964) has now been remastered and improved by the introduction of superior technology and roasting processes. This is coffee so evocative of the era you can almost see the Vespas gleaming in the background.

64 provides a sweet yet delicate taste and aroma with high grade, 100% Arabica beans. Round, full and creamy on the palate it is the refined choice for espresso lovers and true coffee connoisseurs.

Our full-flavoured signature blend has a crisp acidity balanced by stone-fruit sweetness upfront, giving way to a variety of complex flavours that culminate in a delightfully rich cocoa finish.

Blend 64 Coffee Beans 1Kg

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