Succulent My Life is a new addition to Hayley's Flower Shop. 

Enchanted by these beauty we have added potted succulents to our collection. 

Each succulent are planted in a cute ceramic pots

We will stock a range of Echeverias, Graptoverias, Pachyverias and many other amazing succulents. 

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A range of selection is available in our store
Succulents online are add-ons only or we have a minimum order of $50 for delivery


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About your succulent plant

Succulents are a drought tolerant plant which stores extra water in their leaves, stems or roots, which gives them the ability to survive a while between waterings (sometimes a month or more).

However, to keep them thriving they still require regularly watering and shouldn't be forced to go without water for weeks or months at a time. 

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